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BLVD Supply

BLVD SupplyIn January of 2012, two core members in the apparel game formed BLVD Supply. They brought forth their vision of always striving for the best life, all while living a life uncontrolled by the standard authorities. This is living the “Tree Life.” Whether it’s on the beach or strolling down Hollywood BLVD. The best times are when there is a tree overhead. In March of 2012, Soulja Boy became a partner and a perfect fit with the company, as he lives the tree life himself. BLVD Supply views fashion as a lifestyle and whether you hanging out at the beach or going to a night club in Hollywood, you need to be able to express yourself as the type of person who is living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of it! BLVD Supply is dedicated to produce the highest quality product at prices that people can afford and doing it domestically as much as possible. From head to toe, you know with BLVD, you will be wearing a uniquely high quality piece of fashion.
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